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Media Briefings by the GRIEVANCE Team


“Focus: Identifying Early Signs of Online Extremist Groups “ - Physics, (2018)

“Fighting ISIS and Fake Facebook Accounts with Physics” - Inside Science (2018)

"‘Lone Wolf’ Moniker Counterproductive in Fighting Terror, Researchers Say" - VOA (2018)

"How London mosque attacker became a terrorist in three weeks" - The Guardian (2018)

"What do many lone attackers have in common? Domestic violence" - The Guardian (2017)

"The Making of an American Terrorist" - The New Republic (2017)

"The 'lone' killers stalking Europe still have friends" - The Sunday Times (2016) 

"Department of Justice: Experts are valuable assets in identifying and preventing radicalisation" - The Irish Examiner (2016)

"Academic calls for 'multi-agency' approach to stop lone wolf terrorist attacks" - The Irish Examiner (2016)

"Information shared with family offers a glimmer of hope in the battle to stop lone wolf attacks" - The Irish Examiner (2016)

"Many Isis ‘lone wolf’ killers tell others of mass murder plans" - The Irish Times (2016)

"The murky role of mental illness in extremism, terror" - Associated Press (2016)

"Mass killings and wife beatings: A common thread" - The New York Times (2016)

"Gays, guns and jihad: Motives for massacre blur on closer scrutiny" - The New York Times (2016)

"Trying to Know the Unknowable: Why Attackers Strike" - The New York Times (2016) 

"Bringing terrorists into sharper focus" - Daily News (2015)

"'Lone wolf' terror attacks hard to stop, says security expert" - The Guardian (2015)

"Would-be terrorist Chiheb Esseghaier is clearly insane, but should that even matter in court?" - National Post (2015)

"Europe Focuses on Emerging Threats From Smaller Crews of Terrorists" - The New York Time (2015)

"How do you spot the next terrorist?" - The Globe and Mail (2015)